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Choosing a school is important because we all know that a good foundation is necessary for a successful life in the future and this foundation is laid at the school. So why SKTIP? Our school is designed to provide a sense of security for all students in terms of offering quality education and also to achieve growth and development not only academically but also morally. The ultimate goal is to build a school that is full of LOVE, WARM, and UNDERSTANDING.


SKTIP will also provide fun, enjoyable and productive learning activities to develop students to meet international standards in terms of camps, day trips, educational visits and exchange programs, sports day, moral and ethical training, and the likes.


So be a part of our family in the International Programme and let us help you to prepare your children to become confident and independent individuals though the guiding principles of our core value. Furthermore, we will hand in hand nurture them to have a broader international perspective and live well prepared to deal with the various changes and challenges of life in the future.

Admission Statistics

Admission Fee

Tuition Fee

  • The registration fee is 150,000 baht per semester. (Annual fee for the school year is 300,000 baht.)

  • The registration fee will be 75,000 baht per semester for the students who receive the scholarship.

  • The student must keep GPA higher than 3.00 one academic year to keep the scholarship.

The Fee includes:

  • School Activities Program (Day Trip is held twice) [per  semester]


  • Personality Development Camp [yearly]

  • English Camp [yearly]

  • Moral Ethics Camp for students in Year 8 (Collaboration activity with Year 8 fellow students)

The Fee does not include:

  • Textbooks from Cambridge Assessment International Education

  • Educational materials

  • Purchase of school uniform and kits

  • English Camp abroad

  • External examination charges

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