Admission Process

Entry Process and Criteria

          Suankularb Wittayalai Thonburi School-International Programme opens a class with an enrollment of 25 students in a classroom for Lower Secondary Level (Years 8-10). The qualifications for the applicants are as follows:

(1) Foreign students:
          a. Graduate grade 6 from a primary school in Thailand or abroad.
          b. Meet all criteria of SKTIP qualifying examinations.

(2) Thai students:
          a. Graduate grade 6.
          b. Have a grade point average (both in overall subject areas and particularly English) of no less than 3.5 for grades 4-5 of the primary education.
          c. Meet all criteria of SKTIP qualifying examination.

Note: Students who graduated from P.6 are eligible to study in our Year 8 program, while those who have completed the M.2 curriculum can enroll in our Year 10 program.

(3) Details of SKTIP qualifying examination:
          a. English proficiency test.
          b. Mathematics and Science Test

          c. Essay Writing
          d. English interview.
The applicants are selected from the scores of 1, 2 and 3 based on the school criteria.

Application Process (1st September 2019 onwards)

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