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Congratulations to SKTIP students for achieving IGCSE Exam result with A* - C score in Oct-Nov 2023

Congratulations to all those students who achieved excellence in the IGCSE exam in various subjects. Among those, seven students have exhibited spectacular performance by achieving the best IGCSE score in our programme, including Betito for IGCSE Physics and Chemistry, Faleen for IGCSE Economics, Genie for IGCSE Physics and Biology, Putter for IGCSE Information communication and Business Studies, C-9 for IGCSE Mathematics (Without Coursework),  Jet’aime and Sun for IGCSE English as a second language (Speaking Endorsement). The SKT is proud at the excellent achievement of their students!

To meet the requirements for high school certification and eligibility for university admissions, students need to successfully pass five IGCSE subjects, each with a minimum grade of Grade C or above. Additionally, they are required to pass three A-level subjects. This academic standard serves as a prerequisite for advancing to higher education institutions. It is imperative for students to achieve the specified grades in both IGCSE and A-level subjects to fulfill the academic criteria for university admission.

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