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Debate Competition Results June - July 2023

Motion: Should students be responsible for their own education or is this the responsibility of their teachers?

Date: July 6, 2023

Period: 9 (15:00 - 16:00)

The debate competition on the motion "Should students be responsible for their own education or is this the responsibility of their teachers?" was held on July 6, 2023, during Period 9 from 15:00 to 16:00.

The event witnessed intense arguments and compelling points from both the Government and Opposition teams. After careful deliberation, the judges have reached a decision.

Government Team:

Pairwa Suwannabut

Sasitron Setwong

Natcha Khowean

Opposition Team:

Faleen Huidrom Gurung

Rigoberto A. Vazquez

Natthaya Phakcharoenkit


After a thought-provoking and engaging debate, the Opposition Team emerged as the winners of the competition. Their compelling arguments, backed by thorough research and effective presentation skills, swayed the judges in their favor. The Opposition Team members demonstrated a deep understanding of the topic, effectively highlighting the importance of student responsibility in education and the role of teachers as facilitators.

While the Government Team put up a commendable performance, their arguments were unable to outweigh the strong case presented by the Opposition. The debate was marked by rigorous analysis, respectful exchanges, and a thorough examination of the responsibilities of both students and teachers in the educational process.

The judges commended all participants for their dedication, eloquence, and critical thinking abilities. They also expressed appreciation for the audience's active participation and engagement throughout the event.

The Opposition Team will be awarded the coveted title of debate champions for their outstanding performance. Congratulations to Faleen Huidrom Gurung, Rigoberto A. Vazquez, and Natthaya Phakcharoenkit on their well-deserved victory. The Government Team members, Pairwa Suwannabut, Sasitron Setwong, and Natcha Khowean, are applauded for their efforts and strong arguments.

This debate competition has been held since June 27, 2023. There were 6 teams from the preliminary round and come into last two teams in the final round.

SKT English Program and International Program provided a platform for intellectual discourse and encouraged a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding student responsibility and the role of teachers in education. It has undoubtedly enriched the participants' knowledge and honed their debating skills.

We extend our gratitude to all participants, judges, and the organizing committee for their contributions in making this debate competition a resounding success.



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