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Year11 Product Idea Concept Design Output

Here's the product idea concept designs of the Year 11 students in our Design and Technology Class for this semester.

Ranging from necklace, perfume, clothing apparel, speaker, headphone, computer accessories and solar panel, Year 11 students came up with their own concept of innovative product ideas that could be offered as alternative products with those available now in the market.

These product ideas are part of the process of bringing new and imaginative ideas to life in line with our Creative Design class. They were encouraged to create a strong impression in building their own brand or product identity, conveying key information about their product concept. Having in mind that designers don’t just make pretty things and thinking that every design has a purpose, this is their design outputs that is evident in their own unique form of creative designing itself.

And I'm very proud of their work amidst of the online learning challenges.

Teacher Hanzel

Design & Technology Teacher



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