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Extra - Curriculum

Music Club

The Music Club aims to provide a chance for students to enhance their knowledge and appreciate music. It has been set up to encourage talent in music, both instrumental and vocals. Various activities are arranged to help students retain and enhance their own, individual love of music.

This club also strives to promote all student participation in the contribution and enjoyment of their musical abilities/talents and to provide an outlet for all students interested in music.

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Robotics Club

Robotics Club is a place where students can share their passion for robots, making robots and discuss them. The club also provides basic workshop seminars about the basics of robotics which mainly aims to lift up that spirit of engineering within each one of the student members. The essence of engineering lies in the spirit of innovation and designing systems on our own. This process of working will enhance the students' creative, innovative and critical thinking skills which will not only help them academically but also in life’s reality in the future.

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Thai Traditional Dancing

The Thai Traditional Dance Club is for students who value Thai culture in its dancing form. Member students will have the opportunity to learn and perform for school activities and also participate in cultural festivities or competitions in other school organizations.

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Italian Club

The Italian Language Club seeks to celebrate and promote Italian culture. Students learn everyday expressions and very basic phrases, and use them in order to exchange information in daily conversations.

The club also aims to extend students’ abilities to work independently and in groups while they learn how to read and write in Italian, and also interact in Italian while experiencing elements of Italian influence such as sports, food, art and music.

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Agricultural Camps are basically organized for a 3-day “stay-in camp” in out-of-school locations. Students were given the chance to experience and see the techniques and methods done in farming activities which includes care-taking of the environment and learning about sustainable agriculture. Farm and nature-based activities endowed the campers to appreciate and explore the beauty of the outdoor life.


English Camp

Our English Camps basically aims in promoting an English-speaking environment in our school and to improve our students’ English standards. It integrates English into the activities organized to assist students in learning the language in fun and a more relaxing way.

Our English Camps also promote the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Warm-up activities, core activities and follow-up activities give students more opportunities for practicing speech, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. Illustrations are also used to provide the necessary visual aids.

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